It is early winter in November in Beijing. The temperature here will be between 0 and 15℃ during the workshop. Warm clothes are required.


The Secretariat of the Workshop recommends all the participants purchase Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Medical and Travel Insurance before coming to China. The organizer will not be responsible for personal accidents and property loss during the Workshop and the field trips.


RMB (Yuan) is the only currency in circulation in China. Participants can exchange their currencies at airports, major hotels, and banks in China. The exchange rate will be given daily by the Bank of China. Currently, 1 US dollar can be exchanged for about 6.42 Yuan RMB. Please keep in mind that the exchange receipt should be saved in case those participants want to exchange RMB back to their own currencies. Banks may demand to see the previous exchange receipt.


220V, 50HZ, flat blade attachment plug (without holes in blades and slightly short blades) and flat blades with round grounding pin are used as a national standard in China.

Reconfirmation of reservations

The international air-ticket should be reconfirmed 72 hours ahead of the departure time. The Front Desk of your hotel can help you do that.